Giving Back

At Sospeso Coffee Roasters, our passion for specialty coffee is matched by a need to make a difference in the lives of those in communities where we operate. This commitment is reflected in the choices we make. We seek supplier relationships not only with farmers that produce and maintain high quality specialty coffee, but also with those who are dedicated to improving the lives of their workers and communities.

We chose our name, "Sospeso Coffee Roasters", not because it was unique and had a nice sound to it, but rather for what it is represents. “Sospeso” coffee is Italian for "Suspended" Coffee and reflects a century old tradition of those with means paying for coffee to be offered for free to these less fortunate. This tradition, which began in 18th century Naples, has survived and developed into a global grass roots movement with kind hearted patrons and supportive coffee houses sponsoring coffee “on account” so that those down on their luck can enjoy the dignity and opportunity for community that a cup of coffee can represent.

The Suspended Coffee movement continues to grow and has expanded into a larger effort encouraging those with means to “pay it forward”. At Sospeso Coffee Roasters, we proudly carry forward this tradition by donating a portion of our proceeds as coffee donations to missions in the communities we serve.