Sospeso Coffee Roasters

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Single origin, Estate Grown, Specialty coffees

Sospeso Coffee is passionate about two things - coffee and community. That's why we source single origin, estate grown specialty coffees from all over the world. We focus on two details when selecting our beans - flavor and character. With these factors in mind, we see the coffee's varietal, growing environment and unique processing reflected in every cup.

We aren't just another cup of coffee, we are committed to carefully developing roasting profiles that fully express the unique flavors, aromas and body found naturally in the beans.


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Provisions Waxhaw

The Union Exchange

Java's Brewing Bakery and Cafe


Best cold brew in town.

Spurgeon Perkins

The coffee quality at Sospeso is unmatched in our area. They have a variety of coffees from many regions around the world to choose from to serve each week.

Stacey Herndon

I'm writing this from the parking lot. Hush, I know it's a bit weird. I have the most delicious cup of coffee in my cup holder. Guatemalan, kind of tastes like chocolate.

Mike C.